Friday, November 11, 2011

Twins, Jamey Carroll Closing in on Deal

The Minnesota Twins and Jamey Carroll are close to agreeing to a multi-year deal. Full details haven't been given yet but I imagine it won't be more then $2-4 million annually. If/when the deal happens I actually like this for Minnesota. Carroll would start at shortstop right away and with Nishioka'a struggles last year it would be a nice upgrade. Jamey Carroll doesn't have any power, totaling 12 home runs in 11 years but does other things very well.

Carroll is a better ball player then he gets credit for. Last year he posted 2.2 WAR. He does have a 3.1 WAR season to his credit as well a 2.5 WAR season which he posted in 2010. Carroll does a good job on getting on base, last season he posted a .359 OBP and a .321 wOBA. For his career he has a .356 OBP and .318 wOBA. He has a good eye at the plate, walking 9.9% of the time for his career and striking out only 13.9% of the time. He even has some speed, stealing 10 bases last year.

Last season his BABIP was .332 in comparison to his career BABIP is .325 so it wasn't too far off his career average. xBABIP says that Carroll will post a .331 xBABIP next season meaning he should have a pretty similar season.

He's also a solid defender, he has a career total 16.4 UZR. If he can be a slightly above average defender for Minnesota they can easily get their money's worth throughout the life of the deal.

I suspect Carroll will post WARs of 2.0 and 1.5 assuming it's a 2 year deal. That means Carroll should be worth roughly $17.5 million dollars. Not bad for a deal that shouldn't be more then $6 million. Carroll does turn 38 in February but he's still a nice player to have.

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