Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ryan Zimmerman Signs 6 year/$100 million Extension

It's been reported that the Washington Nationals have come to a 6 year extension with third baseman Ryan Zimmerman. Zimmerman was still signed for two more seasons, so over the next 8 seasons he will earn $126 million dollars. There's an option for 2020 which could bring the deal up to $128 million dollars. If Zimmerman can stay healthy this could turn out to be a nice deal for both sides.

Since Ryan Zimmerman came up in 2006 he's been one of the game's best third basemen. He's had a couple injury plagued seasons, but other then that he's been a stud. In terms of WAR he's had the fourth highest total since 2006, 29.4, only behind Miguel Cabrera, Alex Rodriguez, and David Wright. If he hadn't had his 2008 and 2001 seasons cut short there is a good chance he would have had the highest WAR since he started playing full time.

In terms of his age he will be starting the season at only 27 years old, and just entering his prime.

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In terms of WAR he should be able to contribute 5-6 WAR for the next couple seasons. In terms of the dollar value he should supply he should give the Zimmerman excess value. If he can stay healthy that number would be around $50 million dollars in excess value.

Offensively Zimmerman has a very good eye at the plate. He doesn't strike out a lot, and has a good walk rate. His career .288/.355/.479 (119) line makes for a great line, and he also has above average power (.191 career ISO). Defensively he's one of the best in the league. This past season he had a slight hiccup, he had a -3.1 UZR, but he should bounce back.

With Bryce Harper making an impact sooner rather than later, and all of the other offensive weapons the Nationals have locking up Zimmerman long term was a must. If everyone continues to develop, and Zimmerman continues his production the Nationals could eventually be in the World Series hunt.

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  1. You're still not understanding a player's peak. It's a range of age that a player is at his peak. Since he's a power and defense guy, I'd say he'll have an early peak, probably 27-29. I'd project him around 5.5 WAR the next 3 years, then down from there. Do you really think he will be as good at 31 as he will be this year?