Sunday, June 10, 2012

Should the Twins look into a Josh Willingham Trade?

After a disappointing 2011 season the Minnesota Twins are off to another slow start. As of late they have improved but it's unlikely they make any real playoff push. In an effort to increase offensive production they went out and signed outfielder, Josh Willingham, to a 3 year-$21 million dollar contract. So far it's been a huge success, through the 55 games that he's played in he has accumulated 2.3 WAR. As summer sets upon us and as the All Star break nears it brings a question. Should the Twins consider moving one of their best players in hopes of building for the future?

Overall the Minnesota Twins rank 16th in major league baseball with a 96 wRC+. A large part of that is contributed by Josh Willingham and his team leading 172 wRC+.

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