Saturday, July 7, 2012

Opening the Hall: Monte Irving

The Baseball Hall of Fame. It is where every player dreams of ending his career, enshrined among the best of the best. Only a select few each year enter into the small fraternity of men viewed as the greatest ever. Recently, while debating the 'small Hall' versus 'large Hall' issue (ie should the Hall of Fame be more or less exclusive than it is now) I realized that even as a diehard baseball fan, there are a lot of players in the Hall of Fame that I know little about. In an effort to grow our collective baseball knowledge, I will be starting a series of intermittent posts that will focus on different, less known players who are enshrined in the Hall but do not receive the accolades and notoriety of a Babe Ruth or Walter Johnson. If you want me to cover a certain player, please tweet me (@timnicodemus) or leave a comment in the section below. After the jump, I will discuss Monte Irvin, a truly great guy and an interesting player.

Monte Irvin was born

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