Friday, March 30, 2012

Royals, Alex Gordon Reach Extension

After finally having a breakout season, Alex Gordon was rewarded with a 4 year $37.5 million dollar contract that includes a $12.5 million dollar player option for 2016. As far as annual salary goes he will be paid $6 million in 2012, $9 million in 2013, $10 million in 2014, and $12.5 million in 2015. Gordon most likely won't repeat what he did last season (6.9 WAR), but if he can manage 3.5-5 WAR a season during the contract it should end up really nice for both sides.

Last season Alex Gordon posted a line of .303/.376/.502 (141), besides showing an ability to get on base, he also showed that he has the potential to have good power, based on his .200 ISO. Gordon's .358 BABIP was fairly high though, but he started hitting more line drives, and started getting more ground balls as well so in the future a BABIP around .330 wouldn't be that surprising. Besides showing power, he also stole double digit steals for the first time since his rookie year in 2007.

Not only in Gordon a contributor on offense, but he looks as if he should be able to perform above average defensively as well. In 2010 he only managed 500 innings in the outfield, and had a 3.1 UZR. In 2001 he played in a little over 1,300 in the outfield, and had 10 UZR. If he can have another positive UZR season then we can fee good about his defensive ability.

Gordon's number one key to success is staying healthy. The past few seasons he has suffered from various injuries, in order to maintain good production he'll have to try and prevent that from occuring.

The Royals have done a good job locking up their youngsters this off-season. First they locked up young catcher Salvador Perez, then after him they signed Alcides Escobar, and finally Alex Gordon. If the Royals keep signing their young talent, and get a free agent or two they could be a force in the AL Central, and eventually the American League.

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