Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Here Ye, Here Ye: Major Announcement Edition

When Alex and I met a couple of weeks ago in Minnesota, we discussed potential ideas for SaberAnalysis. Do not worry, faithful readership; we are both very much firmly involved in this blog. Rejoice, faithful readership, for we have two new weekly series coming your way. Both will be decidedly sabermetrical in perspective. Both will be interesting (I hope) and are designed to teach all of us more about baseball. Most importantly, I envision BOTH of these being driven by you, faithful readership. 

New Series #1: Fantasy Fridays!

Alex and I both noticed a lack of fantasy talk on this site. He has asked me to head this up, as I really love talking fantasy strategies and trades. I am in more leagues than I care to mention (is my girlfriend reading this? If so, its definitely only one league...) but I also love advising friends on their teams. Tweet (@timnicodemus), email (timnicodemus3@gmail.com), or Facebook the SA fanpage with thoughts, questions, and/or concerns about your teams and players. Any waiver wire issues? Were you offered a trade? Hit me up! This series will take a hiatus when the Fantasy Season ends, but until then, I want to talk weekly about your fantasy questions.

New Series #2: The Hall of Unknown

This is my brainchild and I am genuinely excited about this project. It will be covering one player each week that you have either never heard of or know little about, but who is enshrined in Cooperstown. This is not going to be a 'Big Hall' versus 'Small Hall' debate per se-- the overarching goal is to educate us on players who were good but largely forgotten. If you have a player you would like to know more about, but don't have the time or energy to research, let me do it for you! Trust me, in the couple of players I have learned more about, there are some amazing stories to be told. Consider this a meeting of sabermetrics and baseball history. I have not heard of a project quite like this being done (except maybe the super cool Hall of Nearly Great) so I hope you will join me in shaping this new series that will carry us through the drab, boring baseball-less winter.

Any other topics you would like to see covered? Comment in the section below! We always want to hear how we can change to help you learn more about the greatest game on earth.

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